Wines, oils, pottery, wild herbs ... The stay at JK‘s One is doubled by invitations to artisans, winegrowers and small producers or local businesses who perpetuate the traditions of the place. Discovering their know-how is a tailor-made experience to taste, smell and touch the art of living linked to Cretan soil.

Renata Leitao or the cosmopolitan spirit.

Renata Leitao or the cosmopolitan spirit. While a Cretan identity is clearly evident in the craftsmanship and lifestyle of its inhabitants, it does not


Manousos Chalkiadakis : from the art of the earth to the work of art.

In 1987, the Cretan ceramist Manousos Chalkiadakis set up his workshop in the outbuilding of a superb house in his native region. This is


Alexandra Manousakis : a wine tasting the Cretan terroir.

Each bunch of grapes is steeped in a distinctive spirit, containing and preserving the character of the ineffable Leftka Ori mountain